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Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to visit Pascagoula, Mississippi, will find that the Longfellow Haunted House has always been a popular theme among locals. If you look closely at the history of this property, it is easy to see why McRaven is considered one of the most haunted homes in Mississippi. Another cemetery that is on the list of "the most haunted places in Mississippi" is the Chapel of Cross Cemetery in Madison.

Shell Landing Golf Club is 6 miles from the hotel, while Mississippi National Golf Club, which is also a hotel, is 7 and 800 miles away. Visitors can also play at the Gulf Coast golf course in Pascagoula, Mississippi, which is about half a mile away.

The center also offers the opportunity to visit and experience the free-flowing river system in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on a self-guided kayaking tour. The Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge and Mississippi State Park both have hiking trails, while Graveline Bay and Pascamila River Marsh are great places to canoe, kayak and fish.

There is so much to see and learn at the Seafood and Seafood Museum in Biloxi, and the museum details how the Gulf of Mexico has provided us with some of the best seafood in the world, as well as the history of our state's fishing industry. Learn how important it is to manage our marine resources, from the early days of fishing to the current state of fisheries management in Mississippi.

In an old school building in Biloxi, Mississippi, children and adults are welcome to visit the Gulf of Mexico Museum at the Mississippi State Museum. From the award-winning film "The Seafood Museum" to a variety of exhibits, from the history of the Mississippi fishing industry, the museum offers instructor tours, changing exhibitions and special events such as the annual Mississippi Spring Festival and educational programs.

On the Culinary Trail, learn about the cultural groups that have influenced Mississippi cuisine and the various types of regional foods throughout the state. Visit the website of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Trade for information on certified farmers markets and other areas in Mississippi. Do something in Montgomery, Texas: Visit Greyhound's website to book your ticket and see for yourself the history of the city and its history as a tourist destination in Texas.

There are more fun museums on the Gulf Coast that you can visit with your family. Click on this link to read the full report. There are many more museums in Mississippi than you have seen, such as the Mississippi Museum of Natural History in Hattiesburg.

Gautier has many impressive attractions that attract a lot of visitors, such as the Mississippi Museum of Natural History in Hattiesburg. With all these fun attractions, it's easy to see why we think it's one of the best places to start a family.

We were part of a Girl's Getaway 3 press tour that gave us a Gautier Pass to access all the venues for this review. While the pass offered access to eight venues, we wanted to highlight four that we could visit and visit extensively. Since our boutique hotel is only a short drive from the Biloxi Bay Bridge, and all three attractions are close by because they are closer together, I was able to visit them extensively during our trip.

We quickly realized that two days in the area were not nearly enough to visit everything, so we bought a Coastal Mississippi Attractions Pass and saved on planning, time and money. One of the reasons I bought the CoastalMississippi Attraction Pass was to return to the Mississippi and US Gulf Coast and visit William Faulkner's home in Oxford. We set off, saw the center of the Blues' universe, visited the birthplace of blues legend and Mississippi native Robert Davis, the campus of Mississippi State University, visited the Georgia State Museum of Natural History in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and saw the Great Mississippi Riverfront Park, a popular tourist attraction in Biloxi. Another reason to buy the Coastal Mississippi Attractions Pass is to make the Gautier Pass part of your itinerary when you return to the Arkansas coast, the Gulf of Mexico or the Gulf Coast.

If you follow the Culinary Trail, you won't miss the various regional cuisines of Mississippi, even if you only try fried chicken, roasted catfish, shrimp, crayfish and other local dishes. Examples of Mississippi cuisine include fried pickles, chicken and shrimp, roasted catfish (Mississippi is one of the world's largest producers of catfish) and home-made dishes such as biscuits with sauce, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits with sauce.

For barbecues, try the shed grill and blues joint in Ocean Springs or Gulfport, or visit the Triplett's Day Drug Co., where guests sit tucked away behind a pharmacy in the back of the pharmacy. Experience true Mississippi cuisine by attending the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival, held in Biloxi in April. This festival is a cooking competition and features live music over two weekends in April. Eat like a local and offer a Bil Roxi Shrimping Tour or a tour, as well as visit local restaurants and shops.

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More About Gautier